2011: The Year I Hope I Fail More

I hate how cliché it is to wait until huge events like a new year to evaluate my life and the direction it’s going in. However, with a nice long vacation and two cross-country flights in front of me, I vowed to do some serious thinking this holiday season.

I didn’t want to make specific resolutions like get in shape for my wedding or blog three times a week. Resolutions just don’t feel serious enough and deep down you know they will be broken in two weeks or sooner.  Who hasn’t read or seen a story on the news called something like “The 7 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Has No Chance.”

So as I thought about my life and things I wanted to accomplish near and long term, I realized it boiled down to one big thing.  I need to put myself out there more and attempt to do more things. I need to get into new situations outside my comfort zone and even feel a little awkward or out of place.

I really need to step outside my shell and realize that no one is perfect. I need to (gasp) put my best effort out there and fail.  Not purposely crash and burn like a sports team trying to lose games to get a #1 draft pick; but go into a situation or task knowing that I might put everything I have into it and the result might not be what I hoped for, expected or even planned.

It’s almost sickening how many self-help, business and sociology books I read. I pretty much refuse to read fiction. But, at the end of the day, I don’t even put into practice 2% of the great ideas and tips I read about.  This past year I read so many great books- Crush It, Linchpin, The Time Paradox, The Now Habit, The Power of Less, Making Ideas Happen, Trust Agents – that I should be a self-help expert appearing on Oprah by now.

My mind is armed with so many great ideas and theories to help me lead a better, more fulfilled, stress free and healthy lifestyle. Yet, I look back on 2010 and think “I could have done more this year.”  I know exactly what will make me happy and probably even what it takes to get there but the thought of me doing those things and it not turning out perfect scares the crap out of me. So here’s to failing in 2011!

Here’s to trying to blog all the time that I put out some less than perfect posts that people actually come and comment on.  Here’s to going to networking events and making a fool out of myself as I actually try to meet new people.

Here’s to trying to be so healthy this year that my body goes into shock. Here’s to trying to reconnect with old friends I haven’t spoken to in years and them telling other old friends how weird it is that Justin tried to talk to them. Here’s to trying just 10% of all the ideas and practices I fill my head with from books and blogs, and probably 98% of those not working.

Here’s to trying more this year than I ever have before, and probably falling short on some of those things. But hey I tried, and that I can live with next year at this time.